Amazon automatically enrolls thousands of USA sellers into the Amazon Brazil marketplace

Amazon Brazil Marketplace

Amazon Brazil Marketplace

Lots of heated conversations today and yesterday about the Amazon Brazil marketplace. Amazon automatically and without warning enrolled thousands of USA sellers in the marketplace. Leaving aside whether Amazon has the right to do so, the process was unfortunately as disjointed as we have had come to expect from Amazon recently.

First, I received an Amazon Email overnight saying that my credit card details had been updated on the marketplace. In the morning, I went into Seller Central to see why this was. I immediately noticed that my number of Marketplaces had gone from 3 to 4. Amazon had enrolled my account into the Brazil marketplace, and my existing credit card had been assigned to the new marketplace.

Two days later, I receive the ‘official’ Email from Amazon – Amazon Global Selling – Expand your business to Brazil – You are invited to launch in Amazon Brazil, blah, blah.

To be fair, the Brazil account is inactive until a few mandatory fields are completed, but the community’s consensus is that very few MFN sellers will join the marketplace. The costs and reliability issues of shipping from the USA to Brazil will be prohibitive for most (packages lost through Brazil customs are incredibly high). I don’t even want to think about handling customer returns issues.

However, Brazil is a big market and grew 22% last year. An FBA strategy for USA sellers could be made to work in the right product categories.
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