Amazon Seller Account Suspended

A couple of lessons here. Today a small one-person Amazon Seller was complaining that he had been robbed in the street, and as a result, had had his Amazon seller account suspended. Although he was only in the hospital for a short time, 15 packages were not sent on time. Naturally, the seller suffered a high Order Defect Rate (ODR) and his account was suspended as a result.

In order to get the seller account reactivated he submitted an appeal, detailing why the orders were shipped late. Unfortunately, this is not what Amazon is looking for. Amazon will not show sympathy. Amazon’s only concern is that orders were shipped late to their customers and that there was no plan in place to ship on time in the event of an adverse situation.

Clearly, the appeal should be along the lines (1) An adverse event occurred which meant the orders were shipped late. (2) There was no backup plan in place to ship orders on time. (3) I have now implemented a backup plan to ensure shipments will always be made on time in the future. (4). I have put the following processes in place ……….

As usual, the appeal should be short and concise with no emotional content. 

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