Vanessas Essence Successful Migration from WooCommerce / WordPress to Shopify

WordPress to Shopify Migration

WordPress to Shopify Store Migration The owner of was finding WordPress/WooCommerce complicated to maintain and operate. Creative Intelligence migrated the entire site from WordPress to Shopify, including products and order history maintaining the brand identity and overall look/feel. The migration took only a few days, and Cart Ninja handled the entire process including redirection […]

Excellent Bank Account and Brex Credit Card for Amazon and Shopify Sellers

We are in no way affiliated with Brex, but if you are an Amazon or Shopify Seller then you really should consider them as your banking provider.  They are entirely online, and provide two excellent features I have not seen before; (1) Brex links directly to your Amazon and Shopify accounts. Basically, they offer an […]

Amazon Black Hat aggressive seller activity

Amazon Black Hat

Watch out for Amazon Black Hat Enemy Activity I would guess that any Amazon Seller that has been live on the platform for any period of time has experienced Amazon Black Hat activities, mainly (but not only) by non-USA sellers. Over the next few days and weeks, I will discuss my personal experiences and those […]

Amazon automatically enrolls thousands of USA sellers into the Amazon Brazil marketplace

Amazon Brazil Marketplace

Amazon Brazil Marketplace Lots of heated conversations today and yesterday about the Amazon Brazil marketplace. Amazon automatically and without warning enrolled thousands of USA sellers in the marketplace. Leaving aside whether Amazon has the right to do so, the process was unfortunately as disjointed as we have had come to expect from Amazon recently. First, […]

This is how easy it is to hijack Amazon listings

Hijack Amazon Listings

Hijack Amazon Listing This is a great example of how easy it is for any bad actor to hijack an Amazon listing and damage your sales. We got into a competitive situation with a Chinese seller, and as a result, the seller looked for another of our listings (no point sabotaging the listing that they […]