Excellent Bank Account and Brex Credit Card for Amazon and Shopify Sellers

We are in no way affiliated with Brex, but if you are an Amazon or Shopify Seller then you really should consider them as your banking provider. 

They are entirely online, and provide two excellent features I have not seen before;

(1) Brex links directly to your Amazon and Shopify accounts. Basically, they offer an automatic factoring service, such that they provide short-term loans against the current balances in Amazon and Shopify. You can configure the funds to arrive in your cash account every morning. We all know how long it can take to get paid out by Amazon, especially if your revenue is growing. To start the factoring process they need to see 3 months history as you would expect. 

(2) This is not directly related to Amazon business, but I love that the cards associated with the Brex accounts are not Debit cards, they are a Brex Credit card. The daily credit limit is set to 80% of your available Cash Balance. Although the benefits of this are not immediately obvious, it means that Brex reports the balances to the usual credit bureaus. This is a great way for a startup to build a credit record. Each staff member can have a separate physical card, and there is no limit to virtual cards. Virtual cards are relatively normal now, but never-the-less essential in the eCommerce world we all live in.


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