Amazon Keyword Injection

We see an exponential increase in the number of listings being sabotaged with Amazon keyword injection recently. Over the last few days, hundreds of ASINs have been deactivated in the Toys category alone.

The situation is made worse because bad actors target ASINs sold in more than one marketplace, making it much more challenging to resolve.

To recap, Amazon keyword injection is where a bad-actor seller targets a competitor listing using the black-hat technique of joining the listing and then adding Amazon Banned keywords to the listing either in the description or keywords section. Shortly afterward, the bots will detect the banned keywords and take the listing down. This will take the ASIN down in all the marketplaces it is sold.

If this happens to one of your ASINs that is only sold in the USA, you will need to go through the torturous process of reporting the problem to Amazon Seller Support. Even if you are successful, you will likely no longer have the right to edit the listing in the future.

However, suppose the bad-actor targets the listing in another marketplace. In that case, it can be challenging to work out what has happened, and then even more challenging to deal with Seller Support in the other marketplace to get the ASIN reinstated.

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