Magento to Shopify Migration

Instant Effects (also My Instant Effects) contracted Creative Intelligence to migrate their website from Magento (now Adobe Commerce) to Shopify and at the same time to rebrand the site to MIE Skincare.

Magento is a complex Ecommerce platform requiring a high degree of custom coding and a high level of technical support. The challenge was to move the site to a greatly simplified Shopify site while maintaining all the necessary functionality.

Although MIE’s product range is consistent globally, it is necessary to change product descriptions, images, videos, and other supporting information for the USA market because of regulatory requirements. Standard Shopify procedure in this situation is often to create two separate Shopify sites, often subdomains of the same domain, and then use geolocation detection to point the customer to the right site.

However, MIE Skincare did not want the complexity of multiple Shopify sites to maintain and administrate after the Magento to Shopify migration. Therefore Creative Intelligence implemented a geolocation product redirection strategy such that any product can be set up with multiple versions, each version assigned to a specific region.

Also, regions such as China and Hong Kong can be excluded from viewing products altogether.

A special shout-out has to go to e-dimensionz Inc for their excellent Shopify App called Advanced Store Localization, without which this product geolocation redirection would not have been possible.

Instagram Integration

The migration included reproducing all the current functionality, including Instagram integration, and the complete blog history migration.

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