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Specializing in eCommerce site development and migration.

Full Service Agency

Creative Intelligence is a full service Web Agency based in Salt Lake City, Utah. We have an excellent history of delivering the best Web Sites on time, and on budget.

Utah Proud

Meet with our team here in Utah. Web site design, technical infrastructure, implementation, ongoing management and support. Salt Lake City Web Design is full-service.

Best Tech Solutions.

Creative Intelligence offers the best expertise in technical solutions; architecture, development, and deployment.

Salt Lake City Web Design Supports woocommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, OpenCart, and Magento

Data Migration

If the client is looking to migrate a current site to a different platform, Salt Lake City Web Design will use the most appropriate technology to migrate your data to the new platform.

UX Designs

Just having a great looking site isn't enough nowadays. It is all about the entire customer experience. Allow Salt Lake City Web Design to audit your current site, and revamp the UX design with the most modern functionality.

UI Designs

In the event of a migration, Creative Intelligence design experts will either reproduce the current site look and feel, modernize, or come up with something entirely different and new.


Salt Lake City Web Design consult in all areas of Web Design and eCommerce. No project too big or too small. Data only or User Interface only migrations and design.


Salt Lake City Web Design will ensure that your new Web Site is fully Search Engine Optimized. Ongoing tracking and analysis will keep your site at the top of the search engine results.


Salt Lake City Web Design will perform all data migrations using staging databases. We are able to transform the store data into any required format and also clean the data.

Marketplace Integration

Salt Lake City Web Design experts can integrate your eCommerce store with Amazon, Etsy, EBay and Pinterest. List and optimize your products once for all platforms including Facebook.

Search Engine Optimization

Allow our SEO experts to optimize all aspects of your eCommerce store to get you to the top of the search engine page.

Social Media

Integrate your eCommerce store with all the Social Media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. Include social media feeds and auto-publish posts and product listings.

Shopify Partner & Experts

Allow Salt Lake City Web Design to create your Shopify Store and provide enhanced Partner services such as a free plan for as long as the migration or development takes and use of premium apps during the trial period.
BigCommerce Partner

BigCommerce Partner

With many successful BigCommerce implementations and migrations under our belt, allow Creative Intelligence to create your BigCommerce store to enjoy enhanced Partner services such as extended trial periods.

WordPress & WooCommerce

Creative Intelligence provide full stack development for WordPress/WooCommerce as well as site maintenance contracts and super-fast VULTR hosting.
Salt Lake City Web Design

Cart2Cart Partner

Creative Intelligence is a Cart2Cart partner allowing rapid migration of Store data between eCommerce platforms.
OpenCart Developer

Opencart Development

Creative Intelligence provide full stack development for Opencart implementations as well as maintenance contracts and hosting.
VULTR Partner

High Performance Hosting with VULTR

Creative Intelligence are a VULTR Partner. Host your WordPress/WooCommerce or Opencart store on high performance servers.


Salt Lake City Web Design

Who Creative Intelligence are

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah but with team members spread over multiple time zones throughout the world. All team members have a solid background in implementing eCommerce solutions.

Creative Intelligence philosophy

Technnical Excellence in everything we do. The best architectural solutions. Take pride in every project and own it.

How Creative Intelligence work

Teamwork. Close communication with every client. Small dedicated project teams for each and every project.


eCommerce Excellence and Web Design in Salt LAke City, Utah

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