This is how easy it is to hijack Amazon listings

Hijack Amazon Listings

Hijack Amazon Listing

This is a great example of how easy it is for any bad actor to hijack an Amazon listing and damage your sales. We got into a competitive situation with a Chinese seller, and as a result, the seller looked for another of our listings (no point sabotaging the listing that they were on!) and hijacked it to send us a message 🙂

It is always worth remembering that you never own an Amazon listing. That is why it is so easy to hijack amazon listings. All you are able to do is SUGGEST to Amazon changes to a listing (or create a new listing). Therefore any other seller can join an existing listing and suggest changes. In this case, the other seller joined our listing and suggested hero image and bullet point changes.

Interestingly, as you can see, the insulting image is mostly compliant with Amazon policy, being on a white background, etc, although you should not place text on the image. However, it gets past the automated Amazon compliance checking bots fine.

If you’re interested it reads something like “I will be afraid you will receive seriously hurt”. Amazon is not really interested in this sort of behavior, so it was down to us to repair the listing. Reporting these sellers can splash back on you, so it is not worth it. Also, these sellers often have hundreds of seller accounts active, so there is little risk for their actions.

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