Nostalgia Chocolates Migrates from Webflow to Shopify

Webflow to Shopify Migration

From Shopify to Webflow and Back Again (Webflow to Shopify)!

This was a particularly interesting project which required Creative Intelligence to create a pixel-perfect copy of a Webflow site in Shopify. Nostaligia Chocolates had initially run their store for years on Shopify but was unhappy with the entire design of the store.

Therefore they decided to completely redesign the store in Webflow, adopting a more minimal modern store design. However, after running the store on Webflow for a period of time, they decided that they missed the management control and operating statistics that Shopify provided.

Reproducing Webflow Designed Front-End Pixel Perfect in Shopify

Creative Intelligence was contracted to migrate the site from Webflow to Shopify and create a pixel-perfect version of the Webflow site on Shopify. Webflow is used by some 2.5 million web designers and operators because of its effortless graphic design tools, and therefore reproducing the same design in Shopify was a challenge. Virtually all the pages in Shopify had to be custom coded to achieve the same look and feel, and the site was successfully migrated from Webflow to Shopify.

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