WooCommerce to BigCommerce Migration Success

WooCommerce to BigCommerce Migration

The Misk Shoppe Migrates from WooCommerce to BigCommerce

The Miske Shoppe recently engaged Creative Intelligence to migrate their store from WooCommerce to BigCommerce. The store has about 550 products with many variants and an impressive 2,400 registered customers.

Although the owner was basically quite happy with the look and feel of his WooCommerce store, they wanted to take the opportunity to modernize it and improve the overall customer experience.

As the majority of The Miske Shoppe products are gold and silver, it was decided that the site would look great on a dark background, such that the products really ‘pop’ out of the page. The new site was built very successfully in BigCommerce using the Artify-Jewelry theme.

The only obstacle to migrating to this new look/feel was that all the existing product images were in jpeg format on a white background. Whilst this worked fine for the light background WooCommerce custom theme, all of the images needed to be converted in transparent png format otherwise, each product would display on a white background, ruining the overall desired effect.

Rather than migrate the images directly from WooCommerce to BigCommerce Creative Intelligence moved all the images into a staging database, and then ran the utility Remove.bg against all the images to convert them into transparent png images. The new images were migrated into BigCommerce, and you can see the results yourself!

Remove.bg is an excellent tool to automatically remove backgrounds from images, and is particularly useful in this type of scenario.

Please visit The Miske Shoppe at www.miskshoppe.com and check out their extensive range of perfumes and fragrances.

Here are some good before and after images of the site.

Before Migration
WooCommerce to BigCommerce Migration
After Migration

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